Borsalino, the hat among mith, stars and style. More than 160 years of history made in Italy. Elegant, unique and with an unmistakable allure, Borsalino’s hat is a timeless icon of style. A fashion must-have for men and women.

In 4th April 1857 Giuseppe Borsalino sets up, in Alessandria, a small workshop destined to go down in history. Already in  the early ‘900 the firm was producing 2.500 hats a day and had 300 workers. The word Borsalino soon appeared in the Oxford Dictionary as “common name for wide-brimmed hat” while in the world of cinema, the hat of Borsalino, was part of unforgettable scenes.

Borsalino is a constant presence in fashion magazines, it is also, at the same time, the favourite accessory of celebrities, stars, infuencers and leading figures in the world of art and design.