Rigorous, minimal and composed. Lucie and Luke Meier, the minds and hands behind the Jil Sander collections, continue their work on shapes with the essential contribution of that craftsmanship capable of giving unparalleled content to the purest design.

For Fall Winter 2021-2022, the design duo maintains strong ties with the brand's founder, undisputed queen of a style dedicated to the essential, focusing on the study of new bags and accessories that are geometric and feminine, pure and sophisticated.

There are no frills, the focus is on full-bodied materials, spontaneous shapes, a past that is important and valued in all its nuances, without melancholic traits, but with a keen eye on everything that surrounds us.

The bags can be carried by hand or on the shoulder, they are finished with thin or braided shoulder straps and come in soft, welcoming colours. They are not frightened by the maxi size of the immaculate cotton tote, and enjoy the refinement of Made in Italy and its meticulous workmanship.