It was in 2014 that Elin Kling and Karl Lindman decided to give voice to their precise aesthetic by founding Totême, a Scandinavian brand with an artisanal charm and undisputed DNA.

The identity of each individual garment is precise and well thought out, creating a dress code that is repeated, remodelled and superimposed, while keeping the promise of being inspired by the dynamism of the female world.

The cuts are refined, as are the fabrics, the lines move away from seasonal fashions to create a wardrobe that is easy and quick to wear, where each collection builds on the previous ones and gives a sense of continuity that enriches and adds.

The style is deliberately minimalist in both proportions and colours, simplicity completes a fashion idea that delicately adds garments and accessories to a wardrobe in the making, far from the momentary clamour, but firmly rooted in its essence.