The 70-80s disco style of Courrèges merges geometries,  formalwear traces, brand identity linked to futuristic aesthetic and the world of space to the Space X generation. A mixed and versatile wardrobe, composed  by perfectly interchangeble garments, day and night, where only the accessory makes the difference: for a smart women always on the move.

Founded in 1961 by Andrè and Coqueline Courrèges, maison Courrèges has revolutionized the world of fashion and design. Andrè Courrèges was the father of the Space age style. With his vinyl clothes, the miniskirts, optical patterns, helmets and other plastic accessories became the symbol of Swinging London years.

Structured lines and attention to white are still the distinctive features of Courrèges style and rapresent the pillars of his maison.