It's official, Lanvin Curbs are the most-cool sneakers, all have a pair of Lanvin Curb sneakers. What makes them so special?

Merging the realms of high-fashion and streetwear further with this sneaker, explained Bruno Sialelli, creative director of Lanvin “I want to create characters and dress them in their imaginary everyday lives, i imagined skateboarders as they were captured in Hugh Holland’s photos. These sneakers were, in my opinion, the most evident and relevant pieces to correctly represent and understand these characters.”

The sneakers, which were a reinterpretation of early aughts skate shoes and come with cartoonishly bulbous uppers and exaggerated laces, quickly became a pair of the world's must-own kicks.

For the Curb sneaker a new range of color options, the sneaker’s oversized tongue and chunky construction reference its 1990s skateboarding influence, and particularly a nod to the Osiris D3, while the laces on each pair are inspired by woven accessories used with Japanese kimonos.