For THE ATTICO the choice of a dress is a way to embody an emotion and make the intangible tangible.

The brand conveys an absolutely feminine expression, as transmitted by its two designers Gilda and Giorgia, the two young icons of street-style who have joined forces to give life to The Attico.

The first collection was born in 2016, around an iconic garment, the "chic jacket", which immediately met the favour of insiders and the public, pieces with a strong character to fall in love with, destined to be collected over time.

Designers look back at the past with a hint of nostalgia, for those bubbly times, in which glamour and sequins dominated the scene, in which feathers and deep neckline were a must, Gilda and Giorgia call it modern vintage.

The collection is designed for strong, strong-willed and independent women, women who play with seduction and refinement, enjoying life, having fun.