The eco-futurist revolution.

Born in 1991, fashion designer Marine Serre is gaining an increasingly defined role on the sustainable fashion scene. The secret? Combining awareness and luxury. Marine Serre has set up her brand around the concept of sustainable design. In fact, 92% of her collections are made of regenerated or sustainable materials and her secret is to move in this world within the traditional logic of luxury brands and it is precisely this that makes her activity even more interesting, instead of placing herself on the margins, she tries to transform the sector from within.

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She is now recognised everywhere as the spearhead of a growing upcycling movement, in fact in the space of just four years she has become the figurehead of the new generation of Parisian designers.

Serre and her team search second-hand markets for old fabrics, garments and accessories to find the inspiration for new collections, each look fusing past, present and future in a mash-up of cultures and techniques that is a representation of contemporaneity.

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The crescent moon is the logo that made her famous, printed repeatedly on tight-fitting jumpsuits and t-shirts, which have been a hit with American hip-hop stars, French TV and the likes of Beyoncé. Less and less youthful, even though it is precisely the young who adore her, Marine grows up.

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'The most important thing I think is to break barriers, without being afraid to make changes'. Marine Serre