Fusco since 1953

Our history

It was the grandpa Francesco’s intuition to start off the extraordinary story of Fusco Boutique, Potenza in 1953. Fabrizia took over some few years ago from her parents: Giancarlo and Vittoria. Fabrizia keeps the flag flying as a reference shop for lovers of luxury in fashion and accessories.

Love and refinement

Fabrizia loves her job thus she travels round the world to personally acquire relationship with new trends and latest talented designers. And that is why she is able to present updated, fine and sophisticated collections.

The elegance of the origins

The elegance of the high street of Potenza – Via Pretoria – where historic buildings and modern shops flank themselves, the past  woven to the present and that is exactly where the Fusco concept is able to bring about an harmonious interaction between beauty and contemporaneity.


Solid identity

Fusco’s idea of Beauty cannot be separated from its territory, Basilicata a rich land of art, with such a lush nature and tradition to be discovered.